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Veranstaltungen (Vorankündigung):

NeoCOLAM 2023 – Chances and Challenges: Climate Change / Transition and Biodiversity – Germany and Africa
11. – 12.02.2023 – Frankfurt: Senckenberg Museum and Senckenberg Jügelhaus

The topic of climate change could not be more timely. As the climate becomes hotter and hotter, the topic finally takes on speed in the public, business and regulatory world. We have been able to put together a program which will make us all more aware of the challenges we are facing and show some of the solutions currently undertaken by a number of young companies and financial institutions with case studies, innovative thinking and new projects on their way.

Since Africa is on the forefront of some developments concerning e.g. energy independence, we plan to take case studies from Africa as well as Germany.

For more information see: NeoCOLAM 2023 – Informationen

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